Our Work with Humphreys Street Coffee

We are blessed to work with many unique local businesses here in Nashville, but it’s always a little extra special when we get to work with people right here in our Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood!

Humphreys Street Coffee moved to WeHo in 2018 with the mission of creating jobs, providing mentorship opportunities, and teaching job skills that empower youth. When local teens receive jobs at Humphreys Street, they are trained in a highly skilled craft and are given the opportunity to earn money in a neighborhood where positive economic opportunities can be hard to come by. According to Humphreys’ website, “employees also have the opportunity to tour colleges, learn about trade school options, and spend time with mentors who share about their education, career, and other life experiences.”

Now that’s a mission we can get behind! Plus, their coffee is bomb.

Over the course of the past year, we’ve worked with the team at Humphreys as they have been renovating the former Humphreys Street United Methodist Church. The space they have cultivated is beautiful and modern, yet still retains much of the former church’s character.

We’ve had the opportunity to work with Humphreys on two farm tables, reclaimed shelves and a custom sign for the exterior of their building.

Below is one of the farm tables we made for their shop (made with heart pine that was reclaimed from the original church!). To learn more about our furniture, visit our gallery page.

After making the table, we crafted shelves/bar tops out of reclaimed oak to provide additional working space for their customers.

Most recently, we worked with the coffee shop make a custom sign that they were envisioning for the front of the building. The design was inspired by the fact that the building is a former church. Humphreys wanted the sign to resemble an old hymn board. We made the sign out of reclaimed beech and really love the way it turned out. Below is Elias on delivery day, and the final product hung up on-site!

If you haven’t been yet, you can find Humphreys’ address/hours on their official website. And remember… with each cup of coffee you drink, you are supporting students right here in South Nashville!

Brent CourseyComment