Accent Wall FAQs

Here at Woodstock, accent wall is one of our most popular products. Whether it be for 40 or 40,000 square foot orders, you would be hard pressed to find a day where we aren’t working on accent wall at least at some point. FUN FACT: so far in 2019, we’ve already sold over 22,000 square feet of it!

Because it is one of our hottest commodities, we rounded up some of the questions that we get most often.

What is accent wall?

Accent wall is the barn wood product that comes ready-to-install on your wall at home. It is 3/4” thick, smooth on the back and we leave the front natural. We sell it in custom orders by the square foot.

Where does the wood come from?

Old barns! All of our material is reclaimed and sourced regionally. When the material comes on to our yard, we then de-nail the wood and mill it to the needed specs.

What widths and lengths does it come in?

Our standard mix includes widths between 4-6” and lengths usually between 4-8’. We will give you a similar linear footage of each width.

Can I pick out what boards I want?

Customers cannot pick out the individual boards they want. But we will source a variety of species and give you a good mix!

If you would like to go with a certain color family (for example: mostly greys or no painted boards), we can do that for you. Keep in mind that this is all reclaimed barn material, so every piece will have its own unique character.

How much do I need to order?

Take the square footage of the area you would like to cover, and then include waste.  The material requirement for a horizontal pattern should include 10% waste. 

Do you install?

We do not install, but can provide a recommendation if needed.

How would you recommend installing?

We recommend finding your studs and then using pin nails to secure the boards. You can also put a ribbon of glue on the back of the boards as well. And save all off fall to maximize your product!

How can I get a quote?

Shoot us an email and we will be in touch!

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