Clean Red Oak Flooring

From the barn to your floors, we have been reclaiming antique lumber for custom orders of hardwood flooring for over 20 years. Ever wonder what each stage of our flooring orders look like?

Below are a few photos from a recent job we did of clean red oak flooring.

First, we source the material from our yard and select the right wood when it comes to size and species. Then, we bring it into the shop and ensure that the moisture content of the wood is appropriate before we begin working with it.

Next we mill the wood to 3/4” thickness and add a tongue & groove and relief cuts. Since this specific order called for “clean” flooring, we also milled off the top layer of patina on each board. Below, you can also see photos of the flooring installed in the customers home before and after the final coat of finish.

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Brent CourseyComment