At Woodstock Vintage Lumber, we reclaim antique beams using our socially responsible process. We then restore the lumber to the highest standards of quality while retaining the unique look created by nail holes, weather checks, saw kerfs, and knots — all natural traits that allow the wood to tell its story in your home.

Exposed beams in your home create an openness and texture that highlights the space of the room and the physicality of the structure. With our reclaimed antique beams, you can create a timeless look filled with the character and history of the 100 year old buildings they supported.

  • Hand sanded and custom finished — providing you with fine craftsmanship and the look to match your needs.

  • Beautiful box beam materials available for on-site building by any carpenter — giving you a seamless and authentic hand hewn look when weight is a consideration.

  • Custom-ordered to meet your needs, including variable widths, lengths, and thickness.