About Us

Woodstock Vintage Lumber was founded in Nashville, TN in the spring of 1996, when Brent Coursey, a lifelong refurbishment and restoration hobbyist, left the restaurant industry to follow his passion.

Brent began his career purchasing and restoring buildings and homes, which served as an introduction to the unique character of antique first growth lumber: lumber which is often culled from over 700 years of growth. Brent fell in love with reclaiming this lumber and saw opportunities throughout the changing Nashville landscape to restore these materials from dozens of aging and abandoned warehouses. With this vision, Woodstock Vintage Lumber was founded.

Since then, Woodstock Vintage Lumber continues to illustrate a love for reclaiming antique lumber from demolition, including the purchase of 600 beams of historic wood from the demolition-bound Union Train Shed in 2001. This structure, built in 1890, was considered an "engineering masterpiece" as the largest single-span gable roof structure in the US. Woodstock Vintage Lumber restored the wood from this historic landmark, and the lumber has been used as wide plank flooring, decorative beams, and reclaimed furniture for some of the most beautiful homes in the Nashville area.

Woodstock practices a socially responsible restoration process by reclaiming antique lumber, handmade brick and chiseled stone in Tennessee for re-use nationwide.  

For over 20 years, we've reclaimed and restored vintage lumber for use in:

  • Wide Plank Flooring

  • Mantels

  • Tables

  • Beams, Posts, Rafters

  • Stair Parts

  • Accent Walls

  • Cabinets and Countertops


-We can fill ANY size order: from a single piece of barn wood for a craft project to a full order of tongue and groove flooring.

-Two ways to buy: either purchase raw, dimensional material straight off of our yard, or put your order into the shop and have your material milled custom to your needs!

-From start to finish: let us help your creative ideas come to life! We offer custom design and build services for furniture, cabinetry, countertops, beams and more.


  1. Contact us to request a no-cost consultation or inquire about your needs. We'll help you determine the best wood type, finish and dimensions for your desired results.

  2. Place your order! A 50% deposit is required to begin work on your order.

  3. We custom craft our materials to meet your needs and timeline.

  4. Orders are paid in full upon delivery. For out of town delivery, arrangements should be made in advance of shipping for the order to be paid in full upon delivery.

  5. Final payment will include all applicable shipping and tax charges.

Brent Coursey, Woodstock Vintage Lumber Foounder
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