Woodstock at Chestnut Hill Apartments

Woodstock at Chestnut Hill Apartments in Nashville, TN

Our Woodstock at Chestnut Hill apartments are now available for lease! Not only is Woodstock one of the first residential buildings in the Wedgewood-Houston area, it's also our former Woodstock Vintage Lumber location. The development, which took us roughly a year and seven months to complete, has 42 units (1 & 2 bedrooms) and is almost entirely leased.

In the two bedroom units you can find our reclaimed mixed wood flooring. Click here for more info about Woodstock Vintage Lumber flooring.

Some of the units are feature our live edge slab countertops as well. Live edge is a style that incorporates a piece of wood's natural edge into the design.

Reclaimed Oak Countertop

The soffits on the exterior of the building are made with reclaimed oak as well. 

There are currently less than 12 units left. For leasing information, visit www.LiveatWoodstock.com.