What is "Live Edge"?

Live edge is one of the latest trends in the design world. It's is a style of furniture that incorporates a piece of wood's natural edge into the design. Live edge furniture is one-of-a-kind because each piece embraces the natural beauty and unique features of the specific wood used.

While incorporating reclaimed lumber is a great way to bring a slice of history into your home, live edge items are also a wonderful way to preserve the character of the original material. Although the possibilities are endless, popular natural edge furniture pieces include tables, mantels, countertops and desks.

One of our live edge slabs, before being crafted into a mantel. 

One of our live edge slabs, before being crafted into a mantel. 

Below are a few examples of live edge furniture items we have created at Woodstock Vintage Lumber. 

Live Edge Cedar Coffee Table

This live edge cedar coffee table makes a great rustic addition to any style of home. 

Below, another example of a live edge table made with cedar. 

Reclaimed wood furniture is becoming increasingly popular in the work place. Below is a live edge cedar desk that we built.

Live Edge Cedar Desk

Here is a closer look at the natural edge of the wood. 

This is a live edge sycamore table we created with a glass leg. It makes a great addition to a conference room!

At Woodstock Vintage Lumber we have access to a wide range of lumber types. Below is a natural edge table we built with reclaimed cherry. 

Live Edge Cherry Table

Our live edge countertops (example below) are handcrafted from solid wood slabs. These slabs display the natural knots, curves and color tones of the wood grain.

We can build live edge furniture of all types, so be sure to get in touch for a consultation if interested. Below is an example of a rustic live edge dresser that we custom-built for a customer.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 2.25.48 PM.png

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