Kiln-Dried Wood: We've Got It!

At Woodstock Vintage Lumber, we have both air and kiln-dried lumber in stock. What exactly does kiln-dried mean? Well, it means that the lumber was dried in a kiln (very simply put, a giant oven), as opposed to air-dried. Wood drying reduces the moisture content of the lumber so that it can be used as a construction material. Kilns, however, aren’t just used for drying out wood. They are used to harden and dry various objects- everything from wood to pottery, clay and tiles. 

While air-drying is the traditional method, a kiln gradually raises the temperature of lumber to a point where it quickly dries out moisture and kills any bugs or insects. Different species of wood dry at different rates, so the time that wood spends in a kiln varies from type to type. Other factors that can affect drying time include lumber thickness, density and initial moisture levels.

Depending on your lumber preferences and the type of project you are looking to complete, we have both air-dried and kiln-dried wood. Below are some photos of the most recent shipment of kiln-dried wood that we unloaded into our yard. Check it out! 

Kiln-Dried Wood from Woodstock Vintage Lumber in Nashville, TN

Kiln-Dried Lumber
Nashville Kiln-Dried Barnwood

Interested in purchasing some reclaimed lumber or have additional questions about whether or not the drying method should matter to you? Get it touch with us and we’d be happy to help.