Wrap Around Mantel made with Reclaimed Bridge Beams

Mantels may as well be our middle name. Large or small, hollow or solid, rustic or refined…. we make them in all shapes and sizes and have been doing so for over 20 years.

We love being able to send customers home with a unique beam for their home that also serves as a little slice of history. Last month, we had the opportunity to build a wrap around fireplace mantel for a customer and wanted to share a little more of the story about the wood that we used.

As you may know, the majority of the material we have here at Woodstock comes from old barns and buildings that are being taken down. For the most part, we carry woods that are indigenous to this part of the country like oak, beech, poplar, ash, hickory and pine.

Last year, we were able to obtain some oak beams that came from an antique bridge in East Tennessee. The bridge was taken down 40 years ago, and the beams were then stored in a warehouse in Pigeon Forge. When the wildfires hit the Gatlinburg area in 2016, the warehouse was affected. Thankfully, we were able to obtain the beams. And then last month, the beams were just what we needed to make the custom wrap around mantel exactly how our customer had envisioned.

We feel thankful to be able to give a second life to materials with so much history. Take a peek at some progress photos and then see how the final install of the mantel turned out! The beams are solid oak, and the mantel was 8’ long across the front.

Big shoutout to Dean Kraft for the expert installation, and to the Smith family for bringing a little Woodstock into their beautiful home!


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Brent CourseyComment