Then and Now Challenge

The beginning of a new year always provides a good opportunity to look back.

And if you’ve been on Instagram or Facebook in the past week, you’ve probably noticed the #ThenAndNowChallenge, that has quickly gone viral. The challenge, which encourages people to post photos from 10 years ago alongside current photos, provides an excuse for all of us social media users to take a look back and see how much has changed (or hasn’t changed) in the last decade.

As many of you know, Woodstock has come a long way in our 23 years (you can read the full story of our history/business here). In the last few years, many things have changed: we moved shop locations, we have both welcomed and said goodbye to beloved staff members (both human and canine) and Nashville’s popularity has kept us busier now than ever before.

And while many things have advanced, lots has stayed the same: our passion for giving a second life to antique materials, our gratitude for our loyal customers and hardworking builders and of course, Brent’s love of old trucks.

Then & now:

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