New Year, New Start

Now that January's past, the sparkle and shine of our new year's resolutions may have faded. Some people might be thankful that all the "newbies" have left the gyms and resigned their new year's resolution, but at Woodstock, we haven't lost the fire that drives us to keep our resolutions and push for a better 'us'.

"Nashville Flood of 1926. Street scene showing two men in a skiff talking to a man standing on dry land."

We've been in the lumber game for a long time. We opened our doors in 1996 with a single saw in the shop and we haven't looked back since. But even after 17 years, the new year brings a chance to turn a page in our book and take on the world anew.

Our favorite part of looking towards the future this time of year is reflecting on the past. We spent the weekend getting lost in the photo archives over at the Tennessee State Library Archives- and you should too! They've got pages upon pages of historic photographs from Tennessee's history, and we just can't get enough! Check out some of our favorites below, and you explore for yourself!

"Two workers installing the doors of the Davidson County Courthouse"

"J.W. Bush (second from left) and carp caught in land-locked flood waters of the Cumberland River in North Nashville, TN. 3/14/1939"

"Man standing on debris near a breach in the Nashville Resevoir wall. 1912"