When in Nashville...

If you've ever stumbled into our shop or waltzed through our office, you've probably noticed that someone around here is a musician. We've got at least a couple guitars hanging around at any given moment. It's a common sight in Nashville, of course, but the owner, Brent is an avid music lover and guitar player. He's always working on his chops and can play a mean blues!

Brent has the most fun when he's learning to play a song he's loved for a long time, or maybe one that he grew up with. And in true Nashville fashion, when he gets hooked on a song, he's HOOKED. 

So the song that's been on repeat all throughout the shop this past week is the Allman Brothers "Melissa". Whether its blasting through the speakers or played on Brent's acoustic, we can't get this song out of our heads.

So join the crowd and give it a listen (or two!). And keep a lookout here and on our facebook page, because this is the first entry of our first blog series here at Woodstock. Follow the "When in Nashville..." blog posts to see what we can't stop listening to, and then-- make a suggestion or two!

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