Woodstock in The New York Times!

We provided wood for a beautiful home in Hillsboro Village, which was recently profiled in The New York Times real estate section! In the article, the NYT compares $700,000 homes in California, Tennessee and Vermont. 

The Nashville house, a 1930s bungalow with three bedrooms and three bathrooms, is about 3 miles from downtown. The house was built in 1930, then renovated and expanded in 2010. The older section of the house retains many of its original features, including the dark wood floors. Where we come in, however, is the kitchen!

As the article states: "the kitchen has Carrara marble walls and counters, as well as open wood shelving and cabinets faced with salvaged wood by Woodstock Vintage Lumber, a local company."

Thanks for the shoutout, NYT! Read the full article & view photos here.

Brent CourseyComment