Reclaimed Wood Light Fixtures

When people initially think about possible projects that involve reclaimed wood, furniture, countertops, doors and accent wall are usually some of the the first things that come to mind.

While these are all great ways to incorporate vintage lumber into a house, we want to showcase another totally cool way that customers are adding our reclaimed wood into the design of their homes: Lighting! We love seeing the unique ways in which our wood is being incorporated into lamps, wall sconces, chandeliers and more.

David Carroll is not only an amazing designer here in Tennessee, but a customer of ours whose work we are always amazed with. Take a look at this incredible chandelier that he built using one of our reclaimed beams

Wood light fixtures that are adorned with hanging bulbs (example below) are becoming increasingly popular as well. 

However, if an attention-demanding chandelier isn't the right style for you: fear not. There are plenty of smaller light fixtures we've seen our product incorporated into. Below are a few more pieces made by David Carroll of Carroll by Design; these are wall sconces that were built with our reclaimed barn wood. 

The edison bulbs add a great vintage touch. The wood used in the scones below was reclaimed from a tobacco barn here in Tennessee. 

Below is an additional photo sent in by a customer of ours. The wood used in this rustic hanging mason jar light was purchased straight from our shop.

So, as you can see, reclaimed wood isn't just reserved for doors & floors. 

Because of our customers' varied needs, we can fill any size order. So whether you need a single board or beam for a project or a full order of flooring, get in touch with us! We'd be happy to help. 

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