Fish and Grits


Nothing says good morning like the smell of frying fish and grits!

If you've ever been by the shop you might have noticed a small door in the corner that leads into a small kitchen: this is where the Woodstock family gathers around to collaborate, laugh, brainstorm and relax. From today's newspapers hanging on the wall, to the sweet and savory smells coming from the oven, the shop kitchen seems to be what keeps the place going day to day; a small engine that perpetuates team work, concentration, and laughter. 

I like to think of it as a cowboy kitchen- basic and bare bones: only the basics, and yet somehow able to produce all of the best flavors, conversations and inspirations. Be it bacon and biscuits,  a slow roast beef stew or fish and grits for breakfast, feel free to stop in and see whats cookin' in the Woodstock kitchen.

Brent CourseyComment