Our Little Chicken

Love at first sight. We've all heard it- and some of us have even experienced it--we certainly have. When we first spotted the little Catahoula we'd soon come to call Chicken whimpering in the rain outside of a gas station, our hearts literally melted. She had style, spunk, character, and the most serious and solemn puppy face we had ever seen. 

And so, the time has come for our little Chicken to step into the spotlight and smother us with her good looks and charm. Will you help her rise to the top?

Nashville Lifestyles Magazine has just begun their annual Cover Dog Reader's Choice Award contest, and we are THRILLED to have the chance to enter Chicken. If you'd like to vote for Chicken, click on the picture or link above. It will direct you to a SurveyMonkey site, on which you can vote for Chicken, #36! Voting ends April 12th, so c'mon!

Consider yourself warned: there are plenty of adorable pups on that page you could put your vote towards. It's a difficult choice, but only one pup will grace the cover of Nashville Lifestyles!!

Brent CourseyComment